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Frozen Pipes

Still getting calls for Frozen and Broken pipes. If you suffered property damage from broken and Frozen Pipes, residential or commercial call us at 1-516-499-7502 for help.

We handle claims in Nassau County, Suffolk County, New York City and Westchester County. We have handled hundreds of broken pipe claims over the years.

The insurance companies will look to deny, underpay and delay. Let a professional get you the maximum amount of money for your damages.

Damage from a broken pipe in Long Island New York.

Don’t wait the sooner you get us involved the sooner you will feel better.

Call Long Island Public Adjusters now at 1-516-499-7502.

Suffolk County NY Water Damage Claim

Water loss in Suffolk County New York taken care of by your local Long Island Public Adjusters. If you suffer water damage or any other type of property damage that’s a covered peril like, water, flood, fire, smoke, wind , storm damage, explosion, vehicle into a structure, puff back or any other covered peril call us at 1-516-499-7502 before you call your insurance company. We handle new losses, claims in process and denied claims. Residential or Commercial, the sooner you call us as your local Public Adjuster the better you will feel.

To learn more about how we usually get you 20 to 100 percent or more that if you tried to handle the claim yourself and the hours of email, phone calls and whatever else is necessary to get your claim settled quickly visit our website at Public Adjusters for Long Island (publicadjusterlongisland.com)

Water Damage Claim

Another Water Damage loss in Suffolk County New York. If you suffered property damage from water or any other type of covered peril you need a local Public Adjuster to get you the maximum settlement possible for your damages. Call us now at 516-499-7502 for a FREE review of your property damage claim. As Public Adjusters we have handled hundreds of Water Damage claims. We know the games your insurance company will play. We have settled Water Damage claims from as low as twenty thousand dollars to over a million dollars

Call us now for your Water Damage loss FREE review.