Pipe Breaks

Water damage due to a Pipe Break can cause a tremendous amount of damage.

If you suffered water damage due to a Pipe Break you should call Public Adjuster Long Island to handle your claim with your Insurance company.

Why? because the insurance companies do two things when you try to file claim. One is they will delay your claim as long as possible, hoping you either go away or settle for less money then you should be getting to fix all the damage properly. Or, they just pay you as little as possible or not at all.

To handle a property Insurance claim due to a pipe break or water loss you should hire a Public Adjuster who knows how to deal with your Insurance company and will put in the hours of work necessary to make sure you are fully compensated so you can fix all the damage properly and are reimbursed properly for all your lost contents.

Call Public Adjuster Long Island for a FREE consultation to review your claim and recommend what the next steps you should be taking.

We only get paid after you are paid.

Call 1-516-499-7502 and let us help you.

We cover the Long Island New York metro area.


Call us now for all your Pipe Breaks at 1-516-499-7502


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