Broken Pipes

Broken Pipe Damage in Long Island Properties

Did you get water damage from broken pipes in your property?

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Did you suffer Property Damage due to a Broken Pipe? People do not realize how much water can damage your home or property. Usually as the water travels down it spreads out, damaging more and more of your property. The water gets into and under all areas of your property and if not mitigated properly it will continue to do damage your property and potentially cause mold. You must use a licensed water mitigation damage company who has the proper equipment to see where the water is and has the correct equipment to dry out the property.

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We always recommend using a water mitigation company that you choose not the water company that your Insurance company is recommending. that water mitigation company cares more about keeping the carrier happy and not opening up and drying out your property the way it should be.

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Broken Pipes, call us now!

We also recommend if you have enough damage to your property, residential or commercial you should call in a licensed Public Adjuster to review the damages and recommend a plan of action. A Public Adjuster with experience should be able to quickly tell you a recommended plan of action just based on what they see. But to fully know what the extent of the water damage the water mitigation can use moisture meters as well as cameras.

Property damage from a broken pipe

Broken Pipe Property damage insurance claim

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Water Damage from Broken Pipes

Property Damage from Broken Pipes, call us now!

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