Polar Vortex and Water Damage

The Polar Vortex and Cold Weather is here.

Great tips and help from a Licensed Public Adjuster for frozen pipes or any other type of property damage claims.

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Is your property prepared?

Are you keeping the heat high enough to prevent frozen pipes?

Do you have enough oil in the tank?

Do you have drafts coming in from the windows, doors or your foundation along the sill plate?

When the temps get into the single digits with strong cold winds your property could suffer damage from frozen pipes.

When you go away for the weekend or the winter, some people recommend lowering your heat. In normal weather that’s fine but once it gets really cold and windy your run the risk of frozen pipes. Once your pipes freeze your looking at potentially your whole house or business getting destroyed. Have someone adjust the heat to a higher temp or don’t lower the heat when you go away, is it really worth coming home to your property destroyed.

You should also consider adding temp and water sensors so if you loose electricity or heat or a pipe does break the sensors will alert you to potential damages and you or someone local to your property can take action quickly.

Do you know where your water main shut off is, so you can quickly turn the water to the house off, once again before the whole property is destroyed.

If you do suffer property damage consider using a licensed Public Adjuster to handle the whole property claim with your insurance company. We get the maximum settlement possible, usually at least 20 percent more than if you try to handle the claim yourself. We only receive a small fee after you are paid. The money and hours it takes to settle the claim is better left to a local Licensed Public Adjuster and net, net you will come out ahead.

We handle property claims from the Hamptons, into New York City including, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County, The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Westchester County.

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The sooner you call us the better you will feel.