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Nassau County Water Damage Property Loss

Long Island Public Adjuster handles all types of property damage claims in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Below is another water damage property claim handled by your Local Long Island Public Adjusters. We handle all types of property damage claims from the Hamptons into New York City.

Suffered property damage from water, call Long Island Public Adjusters now at


Another Water Damage Property claim in Nassau County handled by your local Long Island Public Adjusters.

With years of experience handling both residential and commercial experience we have the experience to take care of the whole claim for you. From broken pipes, to water coming in from your roof or from sewage water each claim needs to be handled in a different way to maximize the settlement of your claim.

We have worked with all the Insurnace companies out there and understand what they need to get everything documented both strcuture and contnets so they can pay you the maximim settlement for your damages.

In regards to water damage from commercial claims, you can have multiple carries involved and over and above structure and contents you need to look at improvements and betterments as well as loss of rent or income.

Don’t wait call Long Island Public Adjuster now at 1-516-499-7502 for help.

We review your claim for free at your location and will come up with a plan of action before you retain us. Call you local Public Adjuster now.

Water Damage Claim

Another Water Damage loss in Suffolk County New York. If you suffered property damage from water or any other type of covered peril you need a local Public Adjuster to get you the maximum settlement possible for your damages. Call us now at 516-499-7502 for a FREE review of your property damage claim. As Public Adjusters we have handled hundreds of Water Damage claims. We know the games your insurance company will play. We have settled Water Damage claims from as low as twenty thousand dollars to over a million dollars

Call us now for your Water Damage loss FREE review.

Storm Damage

Did you suffer storm damage, residential or commercial.

As local Public Adjusters we come to you, review your damage and your policy and put together to get your property fixed and receive the maximum amount of money from your insurance company.

FREE review of all your storm damages, call us now at 1-516-7502

Storm Damaged house in Long Island New York.

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If your property suffered from Storm Damage you need a Public Adjuster to handle your claim. It’s hours of work and you need to produce the proper documentation to receive the maximum amount of money for your Storm Damage property claim.

Storms can cause damage from wind either blowing tress into your property or blowing off shingles from your roof allowing water into your property. You can also suffer damage from water either from rain or flooding.

As Public Adjusters we handle both residential and commercial Storm Damage claims.

For a free consultation for your Storm Damage claim on Long Island New York call us as your local experienced Storm Damage Public Adjuster.

If you do suffer from a storm the FEMA Flood website could be help full.

As Long Island Public Adjusters we have handled hundreds of storms and hurricane damage claims over the years. We handle the whole claim for you including structure damage, contents damage and temp. housing.

Call your Long Island Public Adjusters now at 1-516-499-7502.