Property Damage from a Storm

Major Snowstorm and Wind. Did you suffer property damage?

Your property, can have a COLLAPSE, structure coming down, PUFF BACK, wind or snow backs up chimney and causes a puff back generating black soot all over your property, LOSS OF POWER, causes frozen pipes and water damage, ICE DAMMING, snow and ice gets under your shingles allowing water to enter your property.

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Property damage from a Storm in Long Island New York.

We represent our clients in any type of property damage covered by your insurance.  We get our clients the maximum settlement possible based on their damages and handle the hours of inspections, phone calls, emails and document prep. We stop your insurance company from taking advantage of you.

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As Public Adjusters we handle any type of property damage insurance claim, both residential and commercial. We are your advocate to deal with your insurance carriers claims adjuster, making sure you receive the maximum settlement possible for your damages.

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