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More wind and water damage from the crazy storms

We are getting one storm after another that has been causing wind and water damage.

If you suffered property damage due to these storms from the Hamptons into New York City and Westchester county you need a Public Adjuster to fight for you and get you the maximum amount of money.

Insurance companies do three things, they delay, underpay and deny. Don’t become a victim of your insurance company. As Public Adjusters we know the games your insurance company plays and how to get you the maximum settlement possible in the shortest amount of time.

As Long Island Public Adjusters call us now at 1-516-499-7502.

You should call your Public Adjuster before you file your claim. Anything you say incorrectly or the wrong documentation your carrier will use against you.

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wind and storm damage

Another storm for Long Island and New York city and more Storm Damage from Wind and Water.

As Long Island Public Adjusters we are still getting calls for damage to homes and commercial properties due to the latest storm as well as people who now realize they are not receiving enough money from their insurance companies from the wind damage and storm damage. Don’t be fooled insurance companies do three things when it comes to insurance claims, they delay, under pay or try to deny your property damage claims.

Don’t wait, as Public Insurance Adjusters we know the games they play and we know how to get you the maximum amount of money for your property damage in the shortest amount of time.

As Public Adjusters for Long island call us now for a FREE consultation of your property damage claim. We handle the whole property damage claim for you, usually getting twenty percent to a hundred percent or more than if you tried to handle the Wind and Storm damage claim yourself.

Call us now at 1-516-499-7502

We handle residential and commercial property damage claims from the Hampton’s, through-out Suffolk and Nassau counties and New York City including all five boroughs and Westchester and Rockland counties.

Call now and we will have one of our local Public Adjusters come to tour damaged property and help you get you back in your property quickly and with the maximum amount of money to fix the property properly

Public Adjuster for the Long Island and New York City area.

Handling all your Wind, Water  and Storm damage claims