Hurricane Isaias hit us hard with wind damage.

If your property suffered damage, call us at 1-516-499-7502 for help.

Walk around the outside of your house, put away or secure any items that can blow away or worse into your property and cause damage. You should have pictures and video for the outside of the house as well as every room in your house in case you suffer water damage or worse a tree crashes into your property. Upload all pictures and video to the cloud for safe keeping.

Keep your phones fully charged and make sure you have your flashlights ready with extra batteries.

If you do suffer property damage, you can call me as a Licensed Public Adjuster to deal with the damages and your insurance company. The insurance companies do three things, they try to deny, under pay and delay claims. My job as your local Public Adjuster is to get you the maximum amount of money for your damages in the shortest amount of time. We handle the whole claim for you, all the inspections with your claims’ adjuster, the hours of phone calls and emails and whatever else is necessary to get your claim settled.

We only get paid a small fee after you are paid. We usually get 20 to over 100 percent more than if you try to handle the claim yourself. Don’t be fooled; your carrier’s adjuster as well as any one they send in are friendly, however they work for the carrier. We only work for you. We never work for an insurance company.

We handle claims in Nassau County, Suffolk County, all of New York City and Westchester County.

Residential and commercial, we come to your damaged property to review the damages and your policy for FREE. If you decide to retain us, we get paid once you are paid

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